We are a creative events and marketing communications company based in Sydney.
We specialise in creating and promoting event experiences people want to be a part of.
We also implement marketing strategies to promote what organisations are doing.

Whether it is an event, promotional or public relations campaign; we aim to entertain, inspire, intrigue and inform people.

Why work with us?

  • Our credibility – we are great at what we do and clients enjoy working with us.  We have been independently nominated for a few awards including a Telstra Australian Business Award and a City of Sydney Business Award.  elevents is a 2013 Telstra Australian Business Award Finalist.

2013 Telstra Australian Business Award Finalist




  • Our experience – we have over fifteen years experience behind us.  We have worked with many reputable clients including Cisco, Sydney Film Festival, Destination NSW, Screen Australia and others.
  • Our service – we provide a very personalised and reliable service tailoring each project according to your needs and desired outcomes, and adding a memorable point of difference.
  • Our skills – we are multi-skilled; we can organise your event and promote it, organise a promotion to launch your product, or create a campaign to generate interest about your brand.
  • Our creativity – we are creative and innovative and try to ‘think outside the box’ to make your events and campaigns stand out.
  • Our spirit – we have great spirit!  We are energetic, enthusiastic, embrace change and have a good sense of fun.  Enjoying what we do is important to us and increases productivity and results for everyone.
  • Our contacts – we have lots of industry contacts that help us get better deals for our clients.



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